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Abraham At The Corner Bar Yet Again

We used to play at The Corner Bar quite frequently. Anyway, here’s another video of Abraham rocking The Corner Bar in Kalamazoo Michigan. Again it was very dark in The Corner Bar, due to that the camera kept loosing focus. So some of the songs might be blurry for bits of it. Based off the song selection and covers I’m going to assume this footage was shot in 2007. Here’s a list of the songs we played.

1. It’s Tricky (Run D.M.C. Cover)

2. The Hard One

3. Forty Days Of Fire And Judgement

4. 60 Minutes

5. Something About That Girl

6. Knowledge (Operation Ivy Cover)

7. Cross Eyed Principal

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Abraham At The Corner Bar

This is old footage of Abraham performing live at The Corner Bar in Kalamazoo Michigan. I’m not sure exactly when this was filmed, but if I had to guess I’d say around 2006 or 2007. The Corner bar was a really dark place that didn’t lend itself to filming. When I brightened the footage up it gave me crazy psychedelic colors. Not quite sure why that happened, but it looks cool. Here’s a list of the songs we played during this video.

1. Phoning In The Funk

2. Something About That Girl

3. Where Are You Now?

4. 60 Minutes

5. Spooky

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The Furies Live at 255

This video is from the final show at 255 McKibbin #202 from right before we moved out. 

1. Too Much Music

2. Best Friend

3. Therefur

4. The Fall

5. Katy Wins

6. Second

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Dog Veal at The Hall of Justice

This rare footage of Dog Veal was shot on January 26th 2002 on a VHS camcorder. The set list is as follows

1. Dog Veal Is calling All It’s Fans (Intro)

2. Come To Daddy (Aphex Twin Cover)

3. Antichrist

4. Got You In My Muscles

5. (Interlude)

6. Dog Veal Is Wanting To Eat Your Dog

7. Much To The Dismay Of Dog Veal #4 They Do Not Serve Dog In Jail

8. Happy Birthday To Dog Veal (Outro)

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Abraham At Harveys

Abraham performing at Harvey’s on the Mall in downtown Kalamazoo. This footage was filmed on evening of August 4th 2007.

The Hard One

President Terrorist

60 Minutes

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The Pubes Studio Magic E.P.

Studio Magic, The Pubes second E.P. which was engineered and mixed by Lynden Pruess. This album signified the first time any of us had used Pro Tools to make a recording, hence the name. Due to using Pro Tools this is probably the best sounding Pubes album. That being said we re-recorded all of these songs for the We The Pubes album because we thought we could do them better by ourselves. You can decide for yourself here.

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Dog Veal at Bilbo’s

A good way to describe Dog Veal would be musical terrorism. Dog Veal would purposely play shows at hippy reggae bars where the crowd was bound to hate us. They would also have a legion of followers who would chant “Dog Veal Dog Veal”. The audiences would always be angry and confused. People would get up and walk out. Friends in other bands wouldn’t be allowed to play place that Dog Veal had played because they knew us. Dog Veal left a wake of destruction in their path. This is footage from 2003 of Dog Veal’s first performance at a public venue. The setlist is as follows.

1. World’s Smartest Ape Goes To College

2. Antichrist

3. Much To The Dismay Of Dog Veal #4 The Do Not Serve Dog In Jail

4. Serena Saybeck America’s Sexiest Phychic

5.Come To Daddy (Aphex Twin Cover)

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Penguin by The Pubes

This was The Pubes only attempt at making a music video. Wes Raymond edited this together from photos he altered in MS Paint. 

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No City Intermission

Back in November of 2008. Mark Jaynes directed a play called No City, which we performed in our loft space at the time. I ran some of the visuals and made this intermission movie. It’s supposed to be reminiscent of the videos they would show before movies in the 90’s. It features music by Pavement.

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The Pubes on Halloween

There’s apossibility that this may have been our best show. We were rocking as hard as ever, the crowd was into it, we were in a dank basement, and Nick was dressed all glam. What more could you ask for? Well decent footage of the show. I later heard our cameraman (who will remain unnamed) had ingested psychotropic mushrooms prior to filming. Which explains why the camera is all over the place, the focus is in and out, and those weird cuts. Oh well, to late to do anything about it now. Here’s what we played.


2. Bounce Pass the Ashtray

3. Trying To Ollie

4. The Bush Girls

5. G.W. Takes A Walk In The Park With The Companies

6. Booya Noon

7. L.S.D. In My Eye (Shitty Wings Cover)

8. U.S.A. Today

9. Vegan Firebomb

10. Handsome Bill

11. Don’t Say Fuck

12. Time For Livin’ (Beatie Boys Cover)

13. Dildos

14. Daddy Was A Truck Drivin’ Man

15. Nurse Please Gimmie A Physical

16. We’re So Drunk

17. Half Piekkzi

18. Buster Rhymes

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Too Much Music by The Furies

An animated music video for The Furies first hit single Too Much Music. This video features characters from the comic strip Nick Walks The Dinosaur by James P.M. Lee. Directed and Animated by Nicholas J. Link Story and Concept by James P.M. Lee

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WWII (The Big One)

A short film by Wesley Raymond. Originally shot for a high school project around 1999/2000. There are some pretty silly jokes and some nice jump cuts to scenes from other movies.

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This is the only know live recording of TeaSynGiaga filmed during the fall of 2004 in some basement on Jefferson street in Kalamazoo Michigan. This was during or right before we recorded their album. Some of the songs don’t have the complete lyrics. I don’t know if the camera ran out of tape or what, but this video runs out about half way through The Victim. Either way this is the only footage of one of the most epic bands from days past. Here’s the setlist.

1. Nobody Knows Everything

2. The Hard One

3. The State Of The Union Address

4. Bang Bang (Nancy Sinatra Cover)

5. The Victim